We have found a technology partner to offer a trading signal publication enabling subscribers to trade stocks and options either manually or automatically. Our publication service can be linked to partner brokerage accounts or traded manually via email signals sent to you.  

Our resources:

We use Market Delta, Trade Ideas, Ninja and DTN IQ data feeds to generate program signals and execute our own trades, which typically mirror the auto trading system. Our trading operation has power back-up using cyberpower, wireless mobility, regular back ups and cloud computing.

Trading Signal Publication Overview:

This discretionary process intends to actively trade 10% of it's total investment capital and retain approximately 90% in cash for more significant opportunities. This process intends to generate return regardless of market direction, effectively manage risk, and easily rescale. The implementation and use of the Auto trading feature is highly recommended but not required.

However, full time involvement would be required to replicate this process manually.

This process uses discretion to invest in highly liquid equities with no less than $25 million in market capitalization. It will focus on small, mid, or larger arenas of capitalization as well as commodity and currency exposures. From time to time, this process will use hedging tactics and sell stock short.

From time to time, and extremely QUICKLY 100% of the capital may be invested, possibly all in ONE or a FEW stocks. Hedging tactics via the purchase of options may be used.


This method typically remains in cash, yet unexpectedly within a short time period invest the entire available capital. Therefore, liquidity is imperative and crucial.

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