Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Speculator's Watch

On the long side we have:
EDU [mid buy zone, just past pivot point]
GIGM [altered price pattern broke downtrend
CMED [buy zone, sell zone is 34
HMIN [sell zone 48plus
SNDA [At the buy zone]
VPHM [above the sell zone]

On the short side
BOOM [on the sell line
APA [high end of sell zone, RA#4 break 66 add more, break 60 all in
THE [at sell point, add more at 33, all in on 30 break
EOG [at sell point, add at 64, all in on 60 break
NOV [sell at 64 break, add at 60, all in on 56 break

Current bout of possible inflation pull back has both equities and bonds catching a bid. The materials are the strongest at this point, not something I find attractive, but tech is up there too.
Energy and Finance is holding back

Some selling hitting the market here late morning
Most of the volume is in tech

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