Friday, July 31, 2009

Zgen has the best fundamentals of the names you sent.

OXGN has non public warrants outstanding with conversion at $1.60 and $2.10, the latter issue matures in 5 years. so there is the overhead supply. this name shit itself today, so when i say $1.65 as a buy point, dont jump the gun early.

you see how the yield curve got flat today? you notice the exhaustion in terms of price movement commodity price increase had with that US global currency decline? oil and gas supplies are high, price of oil should reflect that...the disconnect is the weak relationship oil prices have with our domestic currency. black swans destroy weak relationships. it all depends if the US dollar decides to develop a relationship with stocks and go "fatal attraction" on it..

bond buying at the 10 and 30 maturities in anticipation of the auction coming in the future. sure makes a fine way to get long term borrowing costs down, the present value of longer duration liabilities down and asset values higher...what a coincidence.

a good weekend to you

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