Monday, August 17, 2009

Coaching Guidelines


*how can i help this "team" win

*how can we do this together

*how can i get this this individual to contribute to the "team"

*adjust-as-we-go approach

*our success depended on each other

*accpet each other how they are...not trying to change the upon existing strengths

*you can't stay the same when things change around you

*stick to your internal line...people have their own agenda and will try to throw it onto need to realize that those are their "little red wagons" (demons)...they are trying to dump them on you...don't let them

How to Coach:

*by observation, listening, and conversation

*figure out how the one being coached ticks...likes and dislikes...what creates them to do their best

*talk about strategy...contribute input from both parties...make sure its understood

*success is knowing how to collaborate and knowing that that is how we will succeed (i do things my way and you do things your way...and that is understood and accepted)

*instead of clinging to a fixed strategy, learn more about his trading, and make adjustments to his approach to accommodate his strengths (vice versa)

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