Thursday, September 24, 2009

This example is about as factual as you can get: The Federal Reserve leases American's physical gold for 1% APR to Goldman Sucks. Goldman sells it and depresses the price, which makes the U.S. Peso appear stronger than it is, since the Canary in the Mine has been silenced. Goldman invests the 1% cash somewhere at a much higher return.

Eventually American's gold is gone, but it is still being carried as a PAPER ENTRY.

Now the CROOKS at the Federal Reserve do a GOLD SWAP with Germany, who has PHYSICAL gold. Germany receives American's gold, not knowing it is only PAPER. Goldman leases the gold - in Germany that is NOW American's gold - for 1% and sells it into the market depressing...

Problem: Both the gold in America and Germany is nothing but PAPER, with the PROMISE by Goldman to return it. Of course, they CAN'T since that amount of gold is not available and attempts to PURCHASE anywhere near that amount in the open markets would drive the price to the moon.

Soon it will be discovered that America has NO GOLD and the CROOKS in this country sold that of others, as well.

Some countries also shipped their gold to America for storage. It is STRONGLY rumored that this gold was also LEASED.

Gold and silver SCAMS are going to put every other FINANCIAL SCAMS into chump change category. It is estimated that EVERY ONE OUNCE OF GOLD has as many as FIFTY TO ONE HUNDRED CLAIMS AGAINST IT, in the form of Paper Promises.

Just watch this space...

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