Saturday, October 17, 2009

why bankers suck

A Rare Glimpse Into The Fed's Discount Window Courtesy Of The Brewing Lehman-Barclays Scandal

a glimpse of the worthless collateral the Federal Reserve Bank accepted while cutting a check of approx $50 Billion to Barcleys, all to make everyone in the market think that everything is OK.

furthermore a look into how the executives selling Lehman where personally benefiting as they where screwing the debt and equity holders of Lehman over. a jail cell awaits them in the near future. y'all really think anything has changed? except that now we know why the stock market went up, so the Fed they can sell the crap they held. at least they worked their way out of that mess....maybe.

during the last week i shorted approx 30,000 shares of the SPY at $109.25. furthermore, you may enjoy the pleasure of watching Capital One possibly collapse as we are short 5,000 shares of this piece of capital shit sold at $36.

by the grace of God should next week result in steep price declines my operations will be successful.

in the event the tape advances higher....well we will just need to buy some of this crap until the delusion expires.

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