Friday, October 15, 2010

Methods create results.

The markets are the most effective teacher and sadly by the time most figure out and refine their system, they run out of money or get fired. Then they think they have failed, pursue another career because they think trying something else is the logical choice.

See whenever we start any course of action or project, there are immediate visible and measurable results, which leads us to continue down the new path convicted and confident of our new choice. Guess what...when you first embarked upon your previous path, I am almost certain a similar experience happened.

Staying the course, reviewing the situation, is the key at these times. It is amongst the pure chaos, and disarray that you must stay inside the eye of the hurricane and move with it. Let your results unfortunately lay waste as they will as a result of your methods, do what you can to salvage whatever you can, and use the chaos to refine the destructive methodology. In fact, the pivot points of the markets provide the best points of entry and exit; one will find are later revealed as the best risk reward positions as the correct trade unfolds. Trades that work right from the start, will quickly prove their longer term success. Amongst these trades is where you want to operate, the rest is noise.

There is no such thing as fast, easy money. Any process or system is better than no system, and eventually sticking to a system that generates some form of success, no matter how random or strange it is, is what will take you to the bank.

Watch this clip not for the real estate pimping, rather try to capture the message.

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